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PowerSPOT Power Products provides a full range of products for most all types of short to medium term power needs.  Our products are designed with multipurpose function in mind and are efficient, quiet and ready when you need them.

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Products Catalog:

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PowerFLASH –
The PowerFLASH by PowerSPOT is a revolutionary flashlight that completely recharges itself through built-in solar panels in the handle of the flashlight.  In addition, the PowerFLASH is a multipurpose tool with a hammer and compass also built-in.
Multi-function in mind, that is the PowerSPOT way!
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PowerSPOT 300 –

Model - 150S30grey only 500pxl 2
The PowerSPOT 300 provides 300 watts of power for a variety of AC or DC products. This is your portable home outlet you can use anywhere.  These units can be constructed for both 120v/60Hz or 220/50Hz environments.  (click HERE for more information)

PowerSPOT 15P –
PowerSPOT 10P 1
The PowerSPOT 15P  is a tactical while functional foldable solar panel that is an excellent standalone or accessory to the PowerSPOT generator series (click HERE for more information)

PowerSPOT 30P –
External Solar Panel
The PowerSPOT 30P  is a tactical while functional foldable solar panel that is an excellent standalone or accessory to the PowerSPOT generator series (click HERE for more information)


The PowerPAK10 features an 10000mah battery, USB port, and LED light. Small enough to fit in your back pocket yet powerful enough to jump-start auto and marine engines. (MULTIPLE TIMES!)  This incredibly small High Power Battery Bank is slightly larger than an iPhone making it extremely compact, mobile, and functional.  Charge iPhones, computers, run DC devices all from this tiny power plant. (click HERE for more information)


The PowerPAK MOVER features an 10000mah battery, two USB ports, and LED lamp light. This mini battery pack is perfect for charging DC devices. The PowerPAK MOVER can completly recharge from BUILT-IN solar panel. For those “power movers” who can’t be stopped for recharging phones or computers.

The PowerPAK MOVER.keeping you powered up and on the go!


PowerPAK Mini Filtration System:

Pak mini filtration logo v2
The PowerPAK Mini Filtration System (MFS) is your on-the-go mini utility company. This system provides lifesaving Power, Light, and Water Filtration.  Its a perfect system for camping, hiking, survival, and emergencies.
– The 10000mah battery provides renewable power (via the built-in solar panel) for charging phones and DC devices and is the heart of the powered filtration system.  It also comes with a built-in LED lamp light.
– The mini USB pump is a custom created pump for the PowerPAK MFS that can produce water at a rate of 44 gallons (unfiltered) per hour. When using the filter this means you get 1 gallon of clean filtered water every 5 minutes.
– The PowerPAK Mini Filter is a 0.1 micron hollow filter filter that removes 99.99% of all dangerous bacteria and contaminants.  All in a carry case that weighs only 1.2 lbs.  Perfect for a backpack or purse.

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