PowerSPOT Capabilities

What can run on a PowerSPOT Power Unit?

Sample Items Power Load Quantity Cumulative Daily Working Hours Daily Power Consumption Continued Working days
CFL Bulb 15W 1 8 120Wh 2.6 Days
LED bulb 12W 1 4 48Wh 6.6 Days
LCD TV(22 inch) 25W 1 3 75Wh 4.2 Days
Small laptop 30W 1 2 60Wh 5.4 Days
Inkjet printer 30W 1 1 30Wh 10.7 Days
Tablet 10W 1 5 50Wh 6.4 Days
Fan 15W 1 4 60Wh 5.2 Days
Radio 3W 1 6 18Wh 18 Days
Cell phone 2.5W 1 8 40Wh 16 Days
Hand vacuum 80W 1 2 160Wh 2 Days
Satellite Phone 12W 1 2 24Wh 13.4 Days
GPS 4W 1 4 16Wh 20 Days

master JEN039dell_photo-all-in-one-926-inkjet-printer42_full_hd_120hz_ultra_slim_led_strong_style_color_b82220_tv_strong_new_strong_style_color_b82220_design_strong_lcd_lcd_strong_sty öed lightbulb

 What else?
Click here —–>(PowerSPOT Oudoor and Home Uses)(pdf file)Adobe Reader logo reader_windows
coffee makerCoffee Grinderfood processorsVCROsterizer Blendertoaster

Power discharge of PowerSPOT products are built to provide stable maximum power release from full charge to full discharge so you never have to worry about ”the brown out” effect one experiences with current Lead Acid battery technology.  The Lithium IO Polymer dry-cell battery technology used by PowerSPOT units are the best in battery technology.

A more stable power release means reduced damage potential to sensitive electronics like computers and no more lines in Television screens.

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