Energy is the life’s blood of the modern civilization.  We need energy to run our homes, feed us, transport us, entertain us; it is a foundational building block of our society.

To live without energy is unthinkable in today culture but the current technologies used to provide us energy are inefficient, counter productive, pollute our environment, and are a fleeting ”limited” resource.

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PowerSPOT Power Products are built with your needs in mind.  We have products to fit most all short term and medium term power demands.  Our products are engineered to be tough, compact, efficient, and renewable to provide our customers with a source of continuing energy that is environmentally friendly.

Power Grids of today use technology that is inefficient and harmful to our environment. Not to mention that they are a fleeting resource that only becomes more expensive as time progresses.  While today they provide you power for your home or office…..Let’s face it…power systems fail…..DON’T be caught in the dark!

So, ask yourself……..ARE YOU PREPARED?

PowerSPOT products are rechargeable from the Sun providing you with a never-ending supply of electricity!

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Product Uses:
PowerSPOT Power Products that can satisfy your electrical power needs for any short-term  situation. The uses for our product is almost endless:

  • For industrial purposes our systems provides immediate power for electrical tools, computers, lighting for in the field research to places where power is not immediately available.
    wilderness construction-2
  • For outdoor purposes needs like camping giving you electricity allowing one to bring home comforts to you while ‘‘roughing it‘‘.
    1383648602_Room in the Woods_02
  • For emergencies;  PowerSPOT products are ”peace of mind”  by providing electricity for emergency lighting, charging of computers, laptops, fans,  phones, even small heating units on cold nights.
    tornado - Joplin in 2011

PowerSPOT products are compact, tough, clean, and efficient, units that are perfect for meeting short term energy needs and are renewable energy using the power of the Sun.

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