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PowerSPOT 15P  Product Information

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The PowerSPOT15P  is a waterproof fold-able solar panel for external recharging electronic devices as a stand-alone solar power source!

The panel is made of vinyl cloth and folds down to a size of a sheet of paper (8.5in X 11in).  When fully opened the PowerSPOT15P provides 15 watts of DC power and folds out using velcro strips means folding and storage is fast, easy, and simple.

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The PowerSPOT15P is a perfect companion accessory for charging your PowerSPOT units or a source for charging computers, phones, running small battery chargers, and other small grade electronic DC powered devices.

Simple to use easy to store and small enough to transport in your purse or backpack.  Totally portable power solution!

Model Version PowerSPOT10P
Built-in Solar Panel 15 Watts at 18 volts
Folding Size Closed 8.5X11X1 inches
Folding Size Expanded 25X12X0.5 inches
Output voltage 18V + 5V USB
Weight 1 lbs.
Output Connection Barrel Connector + USB

Product Features:

  • 15W/18v high-efficiency solar panel
  • Barrel output and USB ports
  • Extreme lite weight

Interested in charging Automotive or Marine batteries?
Check out the Battery Clamp attachments for the PowerSPOT15P! (Accessories Page)


Interested in buying a PowerSPOT product?  Contact us via – The Message Center

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