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The PowerPAK Mini Filtration System is your mini utility company.  This renewable power system can provide you POWER, LIGHT, and Fresh Filtered WATER.

The base of this product was constructed off the PowerPAK MOVER  solar rechargable battery bank product that provides you an endless source for power and light.

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It takes your source water and turns it into clean filtered water. 
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How good is the filtration?

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How much water will the filter….FILTER?

The PowerPAK Mini Filter is rated to provide filtration up to 100,000 gallons of water.

The PowerPAK Mini Filtration System is a highly portable, compact, and renewable system that is GREAT for camping, hiking, survival training, and emergency situations.  The complete kit comes in a water protective clear case and weighs only 1.2lbs.

The PowerPAK Mini Filtration System by PowerSPOT;  your source for personal power and utility at an affordable price.

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